Saturday, January 24, 2009


Folks love to talk about the weather and Texas weather

gives them something to talk about. Twenty-nine degrees

in the morning and seventy-six degrees by 3 PM.

My dog noticed. He got sick. And since I kiss his little

face (not on the mouth no no no!) I must have caught

his sniffles. I lay in bed in the upstairs portion of my

barn apartment and listen to the wind howl around the

support beams outside and expect at any minute my

television and Internet will blitz out. Now downstairs

sipping coffee with an unhealthy amount of vanilla

creamer in it, I see through the curtainless kitchen

window the low grey sky. Ranch workers crank up the

tractor engines and the music begins. My dog rolls

out of his house and does his sleepy downward dog pose

followed by a couple coughs. Corgis are not stupid so if

I want to insert a syringe into his mouth and pump

antibiotics into him, he wants time to figure it all out.

No random drive by pumping. This guy wants to have a

presentation. Half way through this presentation I jam the

medicine in and he figures it out after the fact. That he

doesn't follow this act of violence upon him with a round of

harsh barks means it wasn't all that bad.

1 comment:

Lisa Reed said...

Poor Joe! Are you taking his antibiotics? Better double up on the Juice Plus.

I love reading your writing!