Friday, February 6, 2009

It's The Wind Again

Friday night and I have put the dog outside for a little

peace and quiet. The wind howls and I decide since it

isn't too cold I will clean up. Throw stuff away. Get rid

of all the clutter. And I carry the bag of trash out and

around the barns and across the newly graveled parking

lots and drives and around the breeding barn lab and

heave the trash into the dumpster. I've collected an

as I check to see how all the baby foals are doing.

walk to one of the back pastures hoping to catch a

glimpse of the other mares and their babies already turned

out. But Im not even sure this is the pasture where they

are kept. and Wiley the Australian Shepard trots back to

the barns with me. This week was a good one. After 7

months I have figured out how to reconcile the checking

account and get up to September and discover that is the

one month that is missing and have to ask the boss to prin

Creative and non logical. That's me. He looks hopeful.

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