Sunday, December 21, 2008

Much Adu About Me

As you back away
I say why do you?
But baby its' me
Really nothing new.

I sigh when you don't
I even cry
But baby it's me
Why can't I?

If only you'd do and be and say
But baby it's me
I'm not okay.

I live inside
Yet blame the world
For imaginings
That come unfurled.

I really can't
So I say you don't
I turn away
But I say you won't

The unnamed fear I feel inside
Remains within
Again denied.

Baby I can't look
For I might see
The fear that's deep
Inside of me.

Do you know my fear?
Can you guess it's name?
Do you know I think you are to blame?

Because if it's you
Then it can't be me.
Baby, baby I don't want to see.

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